Friday, October 14, 2016

Union St. Sweatshirt // Sewing For Women

I am subconsciously on a Union St. kick! The last 2 posts on the blog will prove that :) 

I made these Chi-Town Chinos (which you can read all about HERE!) and decided they definitely needed a new shirt to pair with them. It is finally feeling like fall around here and I get to wear my fave combo of shorts and sweatshirts again! 

I basically wanted an oversized super cozy long sleeved tee. So I grabbed these 2 fabrics from my stash and went to work. 

Both fabrics are from Imagine Gnats from over the summer. While the stripes are sold-out, there are still some other offerings of the same stretch French Terry I used. The sleeves are a lightweight jersey from the bargain yards section, and apparently those are all sold out, sorry!

I decided to go with the tried-n-true Union St Tee pattern. The only thing I did for starters was to size up to a size L. For reference, I usually make a S with stretchy fabrics like this.

I cut the main part from the stretch french terry and loved the look of the wider stripe for the sleeves so I went for it. The lightweight jersey, however, was quite a bit lighter than the french terry and also sheer, so not super warm and I wanted cozy. So my genius solution to this was to simply cut 2 sets of sleeves and double them up! Also, a fun outcome to this is that I put the sleeve fabric wrong sides together when attaching to the armsyces, so no wrong side of the fabric is visible from the inside or outside. Only a thing that another sewist would appreciate! ;)

I looooooove how the sleeves turned out! They are so soft and comfy and the perfectly just-a-tad-too-long length.

I debated about taking up the hem length by 2 inches when I cut out my pattern, but decided against it. In the end, it was really wide at the bottom, so I cut off 3 inches and added a band to make it more sweatshirt-like. I used the band pattern from the Halifax Hoodie for this, but ended up taking that in by 1 1/2" as well.

This was a really quick and super satisfying sew. Because sewing something that feels like a hug on a cold rainy day is very satisfying.

Pattern: Union St Tee

Size Sewn: L (Normally would make a S)

Changes made: Cut 3 inches off of the bottom and added a sweatshirt band, using the band pattern
                          from the Halifax Hoodie.

Fabrics used: Stretch French Terry & Lightweight Jersey from Imagine Gnats
                      White ribbing from Joann's

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Floral Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Roscoe Blouse & Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

You can catch Part 1 of this post here!

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Next in Part 2 of today's post, is the tried and true Union St. Tee. I've made quite a few of these, and come to think of it, they've all been v-necks. I do love me a good v-neck, and folks, Adrianna's instructions will make anybody a successful v-neck seamstress! I sewed this shirt first and really didn't have all that many issues with it. I was a bit nervous about sewing a perfectly lined up V in this rayon spandex, and I did end up using my seam ripper a few times, but I coaxed it into submission in the end and am super happy with the result!

Union St Tee // Sewing For Women

Union St Tee // Sewing For Women

I had yet to try this pattern in anything but the short sleeve version, because, summer... But my true devotion lies with 3/4 sleeve shirts. I made zero changes to the 3/4 sleeve length pattern and it is completely perfecto. In fact, I made a straight size small with no changes at all. I've found with this pattern, it depends a lot on the type of fabric you use and the look you want. My tnt's are a size small in rayon or cotton spandex, and a medium in knits with less stretch.

Union St Tee // Sewing For Women

I paired this with my Selene Skirt and absolutely love this look. It is so crazy comfy too.

Let's talk fabric!

I used the Brushstrokes Rose floral from Finch Fabrics. It is a cotton/rayon/spandex blend, (which just so happens to be on super sale right now!!) and is so soft and lovely. It has slightly more heft than some rayon spandex's I've used lately and I so appreciate that! It doesn't feel flimsy at all and has fantastic recovery.

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

I spent some time with the floral placement, since it is a rather large scale print and I didn't want to have flowers in weird places ;) The fabric is a very generous width (60"), which definitely helped with being able to do that and I la-love the outcome. I don't know why, but I really wanted those big flowers hugging my arms. Love them!

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Typically the back of a t-shirt isn't all that exciting, but I just adore those flowers, it feels so fun!

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Union St. Tee // Sewing For Women

Summary of Details:
Size Sewn: Small - 3/4 sleeve option
Changes Made: None


Fall Perfect Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

Roscoe Blouse & Union St Tee // Sewing For Women

Happy Fall!! Now that's it's officially fall, I can break out those boots. Weather, you just need to cooperate so I don't melt in them, m'kay?

I am so pleased with my 2 new fall tops that I busted out this week. Actually busted out isn't exactly true. I must have felt like making things difficult on myself and make as many blunders as possible. As you can see, all's well that ends well. But whew. It wasn't my week! Let's hope next week is better!
I'm going to split this post up into 2 parts today, part 1 being the Roscoe Blouse pattern.

I have been wanting to try this pattern for way too long, and finally go around to it! But, that's where all my troubles began. And let me clarify. It had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the pattern. I was just very off this week! We all have those weeks or days I'm sure, and it was my turn this time. :)

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

I am sooooo pleased with how this turned out though! I made a couple of minor changes. First, I left off the ties at the neckline. I've found that in tops like these, they just tend to annoy me, so because of the joys of sewing, I can customize my tops exactly how I want! I also raised the neckline split by an inch, and next time, will raise it yet another inch, just preference. I also shortened the sleeves out of necessity, because I didn't have enough fabric. Another small change was to hem it by folding up 1/2" twice, rather than 1/4" as called for in the pattern. The whole shirt is plenty long on me and next time, I'll take it up a couple of inches before cutting. I also sized down 2 sizes from where my measurements put me, the top is intended to be very loose fitting, but since I'm on the shorter side, very over sized tops can overwhelm me and make me look frumpy. Next time I'll probably even size down one more.

That back neckline though... Heart.

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

The other "change" I made to the shirt was to add a split to center back of the pattern, to mirror the front split. Which you can ever so slightly see in the above photo. At least that's what I'm going to tell you ;) I'm not going to tell you that I cut out this shirt a week prior to sewing and then proceeded to be in a hurry to get things done and didn't pay attention to whether or not I was CUTTING into the front or back bodice piece. I may or may not have had a minor heart attack after I realized what I did. But after I calmed down and thought about it, I decided that things really weren't that awful, that I didn't have to wad this project and proceeded on. With caution. Too much. Because it took me foreeeever to sew the rest of this shirt. Ha. The rest of the shirt came together without a hitch, thank goodness, I also french seamed this baby and now I can say, it's one of my favorite handmade pieces in my closet!

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

Now let's talk about my favorite thing about sewing... Fabric!!

Both of these fabrics I used for today's posts are from Finch Fabrics. , I couldn't recommend a more perfect fabric than this for the Roscoe. I used a Blue Rayon Deer Print (on sale!). It's 100% rayon, but has a crepey texture and when held up to the light is slightly sheer, but when worn on the body, doesn't show a thing. Not even in this loose and flowy style. I prewashed this fabric and it shrunk up to about 52" wide, so keep that in mind if you work with rayons. They do definitely shrink! I only had a yard and half to work with, but I used nearly every square inch and got this top out of it!

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

This fabric just has the perfect amount of extreme drapiness that this pattern needs, it's so lightweight that the gathers aren't heavy at all. And because of the crepey texture it made it a dream to work with!

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

I don't have any other tops like this in my wardrobe currently and I'm so excited about this one. It's easy to wear and just feels slightly elegant with my heels. C'mon Honey, time for a date, don'tcha think!?

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

And how fun is this deer print?? Another departure from my normal and I'm so in love with it! It's fun, but muted. And I loooove the color, I didn't think I was into monochrome all that much, but I love how it blends with my dark jeans.

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

Roscoe Blouse // Sewing For Women

Summary of details:

Size Sewn: 2 - my measurements put me in a size 6, next time I might even size down to 0.
Changes made: left off neck ties, shortened sleeves 4 1/4", hemmed an extra 1/2".


Friday, September 16, 2016

Cozy Knits for Fall // Sewing For Kids

Hi friends!

Is any one else as excited for FALL as I am!? It's easily my favorite season. Always has been. And sewing for fall is so much fun too!

*NOTE: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post for a fabric and pattern summary!

I recently got a few yards of fabric from Finch Fabrics. When I was choosing them, I had fall sewing in mind. Then Josie from Finch suggested I try this scrumptious, dreamy Black Modal French Terry to pair with the Jackson Scribbles Knit. When it came and I got my hands on it, I decided to make outfits for BOTH of my youngest and to plan them around the french terry! It is sooooo soft and lovely, the modal in it makes it feel super luxe. It's not too heavy either, which I love for our warmer fall. It has a really lovely drape as well.

The drape of the fabric worked especially well on this Kaleidoscope Top I made for Olivia. I love how the boxiness of the top worked to show off the fabric drape. 

The french terry also worked well on this little hooded vest I made up for my little mister. I've worked with some other french terry fabrics and it never worked well as bindings like I used on O's neckband and A's armbands, so I was pleasantly surprised when this particular one did much better! It still doesn't have as much recovery as a rib knit, so I wouldn't use it for anything that needs to be super fitted, but for this loose neckband and the armbands it worked very well!

For the bottoms I used the Jackson Scribbles jersey and OH. MY. WORD. I almost can't handle the cuteness. The jersey was great to work with, it did curl a little like all jerseys do, but it pressed very well and sewed up very nicely! It is fairly lightweight, but opaque, so it's great for kids' bottoms.

I happened to see this plaid knit in my stash and couldn't not use it for accents! It paired so well and added even more of that fall touch that I was going for!

Now for a little bit more about the patterns I used!

Since Olivia is my most willing model, I'll start with her outfit ;) For the top, I used the Kaleidoscope Top by See Kate Sew. I made her one a few years ago and just this spring packed it away! It is the shirt that keeps on giving! The boxy oversized style works well for a LONG time. I made a couple of simple changes this time. First, I cut as per the pattern for the neckline, but then instead of folding under and stitching as directed, I added a neckband. I wanted a higher neckline since it's easier to not have to worry about a tank underneath and it doesn't fall off her shoulders this way. Next, I made a size 4, but lengthened to the size 6. Then I inserted 1/2" elastic to the bottom, rather than the 1" the pattern calls for. Very happy with the length it came out to be.

I made an applique with a cherry shape, the plaid knit, and wonder under, then used a straight stitch around the edges to secure it more permanently.

For the skirt I started with Thread Faction #106. I made the shorts and waistband as per the pattern, but then just cut a rectangle, twice the length of the waistband and 12" long for my 5 yr old. Then just gathered the rectangle to fit the the waistband and proceeded with the pattern directions. We both just love those built in shorts under skirts! Makes getting dressed super easy too.

Aiden's outfit is the Brindille & Twig Cuff Pants. He just turned 18 months and is still in mostly 12 month RTW sizes. I made the pattern size 9-12 mo, then added 1 inch in length to the pant legs and 1/4" in height to the waist cuff. That way, it fits well now, but will grow with him all fall and winter. At least that's the plan ;)

The vest is a heavily hacked Grandpa Cardigan, also by Brindille & Twig. I used the bodice and waist cuff pattern, but straightened out the center front and added a button placket. I left off the sleeves and slimmed the shoulders down by about 3/8" then added armbands to finish. Finally I added on the Rowan Tee hood in a size 12-18 month. It was a perfect fit with no changes! Last was to pop on those snaps. I'm LOVING the way it turned out!

And now for a photo dump of my cuties (I'm not biased)!

Summary of Details:
Fabrics Used:

Patterns Used:

Kaleidoscope Top - See Kate Sew
Changes Made: 
  • Neckline raised by adding neckband rather than turning under and stitching. 
  • Size 4 - lengthened to size 6. Used 1/2" elastic in waistband rather than 1".
Changes Made:
  • Made a gathered skirt by cutting a rectangle twice the width of the waistband x 12" long.
Changes Made:
  • Size 9-12 mo, lengthened pant legs by 1", added 1/4" to height of waistband cuff.
Changes Made:
  • Mashed up the Grandpa Cardigan (sz 9-12mo) with Rowan Tee hood (sz 12-18mo)
  • Straightened out center front of cardigan bodice pattern and added button placket
  • Left off sleeves, slimmed shoulders 3/8", added armbands to finish

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Emerson Shorts & Southport Tank // Sewing For Women

Hey all!

When Kelly released the Emerson Crop Pant / Short pattern, I literally didn't even hesitate a second. I knew I had to have it. I'm not sure if I've ever had a pair of pleated shorts before, but somehow I knew that the shape was exactly what my hips needed. The flat front, pockets, and easy to sew and wear back elastic, all made it so great.

I've been pushing my luck with not making muslins lately... (don't worry, I haven't given up the practice!) But I felt confident with these, just by looking at the front and back curve, they looked right for my shape. And I was right. They were perfect! The only change I made was to add 1" in length to the hem length and sewed up a straight size 6. My hips measure 37.25 at the time of making these. I am 5'3", the pattern says it's drafted for a 5"5' person, but I didn't make any adjustments and the waistband hits at a very comfortable spot for me. I'm also very short waisted, so I tend to like my bottoms to hit a little higher to help avoid the oh, so awful, muffin top!

I sewed the shorts in a black linen/rayon blend from Joann's. It has a little bit of weight to it that makes it so nice for shorts and it's very soft! I want every pair of shorts to be this comfortable! If you haven't figured it out yet, they're good. Like really good. I can't wait to make a few more pairs. And also try out the crop length.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Swimwear Tour 2016 // Classic Maillot

Classic Maillot Swimsuit Pattern: Sewn by Handmade Frenzy

Have you been following along with the Summer Swimwear Tour this past week? Well, today is the last day and I'm sharing another version of the ever so adorable Classic Maillot, view E mashed with G, and H.

Since today is the last day of the tour, you'll want to make sure to check out the discount codes at the bottom of the post and take advantage of them!

Classic Maillot Swimsuit Pattern: Sewn by Handmade Frenzy

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Shorts On The Line 2016 // Clemence Shorts

Hey all! Today I'm over at Imagine Gnats blog with my thoughts on the Clemence Shorts pattern. Head on over and have a look! :)

The shirt I'm wearing is my latest version of the Lark Tee. I love this pattern so much, my count is currently up to 5! Check out my Instagram for more pics of all of them!